(WBIR-Knoxville) The Nike era is underway at the University of Tennessee.

UT unveiled new team uniforms and apparel on Wednesday, July 1, at noon with an online special.

Jalen Hurd kicked off the Nike fashion show, strutting his stuff in the new football away uniform. White from head to toe, with an orange v-neck collar with a Power T in the center. The pants and helmet featured the checkerboard.

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After Hurd, UT used a mix of pre-taped sequences and live reveals to show off the new gear for all Tennessee athletic teams.

ID=29565723The Tennessee basketball teams will get their own Smokey gray jersey next season. The men's gray uniform features a special twist-- with VOLS in big letters on the chest, instead of the traditional Tennessee. The baseball and softball teams also got a gray jersey option.

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The biggest change was the absence of the Lady Vols name from all the women's uniforms, with the excepion of the Lady Vols basketball team, where the logo appeared on the players' shorts, along with the signature checkerboard pattern. As of July 1, all other women's teams will be branded as Volunteers.

UT saved the most anticipated uniform for last-- the football alternate uniform. The players will be dressed in Smokey gray from head to toe-- including the helmet! Breaking with the traditional white helmet, Nike unveiled a gray helmet with an orange stripe to be worn for special games. The helmet also featured the outline of the Smoky Mountains along the bottom.

According to a press release, "Tennessee Athletics and Nike collaborated on a brand evolution program to create consistent marks across all athletics programs, honoring the Volunteer spirit through tradition, pride and integrity, key characteristics and attributes associated with the Volunteer brand."

Both Nike and Tennessee said that tradition played a huge part in the design of the new uniforms. They also wanted consistency across all 20 athletic teams.

"It's extremely fitting that this partnership be formed," said University of Tennessee Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Dave Hart. "Nike excels as it relates to branding and marketing. Their level of expertise in that space is nationally renowned, Nike does that as well or better than anyone. We feel blessed to be aligned with Nike and are excited to form this tremendous partnership."

"It's an incredible honor to create a new identity that encompasses the Volunteer spirit," said Todd Van Horne, vice president and creative director for Nike Football and Baseball. "As we work with Tennessee Athletics on their next chapter, we wanted to incorporate a sleek yet powerful look to the iconic T ."

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