With the Vols on a spectacular five game winning streak this season, you can't blame fans if they get a little superstitious.

A new video from an Alabama newspaper shows a Vol fan wearing the same game day shirt for five weeks in a row.

But for some die-hard supporters at the University of Tennessee, pre-game rituals are no joke.

"Honestly, superstitions are a real thing," UT freshman Abbie Ward said. "Personally, I have a superstition that when you wake up every single game day, you've got to play "Rocky Top." You've got to jam out to it, too. You can't just play "Rocky Top" and do a little dance -- you gotta go full out!"

Freshman Brianna Irwin says her lucky Vol socks make all the difference, but when she wears the pair during every game she gets the same question: "'Why do you have on the same outfit? Those socks, you always have on those socks,'" she said.

Some rituals aren't as traditional as you'd think. Sophomore Keldrion Vann is getting creative with his.

"When I don't watch the game, we win!" he said. "I mean, I'll be at the Alabama game, but if I see it's looking ugly, I'll leave and see what happens."

While there are, of course, many who criticize the legitimacy of superstitious game day tactics, many fans say their traditions have gotten them to this point -- and there's no reason to stop now.

"So far the Vols are on top, so I just say everyone keep doing what they're doing!" sophomore Kara Ware said.

To keep the perfect season alive, the Vols will have to defeat a tough Texas A&M team on Saturday in College Station, and then the Crimson Tide will roll into Knoxville the next week.