Tennessee's offensive front was hit with adversity last season and it wasn't until their bowl game at the end of the year that we really got to see the original starting five offensive lineman out on the field. 

This year the unit is expected to be the strength of the Vols' offense. With all but one player returning, they'll have a lot of experience in addition to solid incoming talent. 

After spring practice on Tuesday, first-year offensive coordinator Larry Scott said the team is going to play to their strengths. 

"We're just playing to the strengths of what guys are showing us and how their development is coming, and as they develop and as they do things, you change things and tweak and go that way," said Scott. "We’re gonna always play to do what we do really, really well, and that’s the beauty of spring football. You’re trying a lot of different things."

Right now the offense's strength: the guys up front. 
"One of our strengths that we're excited about is our offensive line up front. When you have some guys that come back with some of the experience we're bringing back, that's what you want to rely on," said Scott. "And anytime I think in any really good offense, when you're relying on the guys up front, when they go, we all go as a team. I don't care if you're really good at the skill positions, you're good at quarterback, you're good at o-line. You're only as good as those give guys up front and how they go. As they go we all go, so right now I think that's on of our strengths."
"We're going to continue to build it, continue to challenge them, develop them."