One last run through the T... It's a celebration that warms the heart and calls to mind the accomplishments of each senior at Tennessee.

On Saturday, Josh Dobbs will make his last run through the T, his first in 757 days. It's unclear where his senior day will fit in Volunteer lore.

He has some stiff competition - for example, Erik Ainge carried Tennessee in 2007, throwing for 245 yards and three touchdowns against Vanderbilt.

The game would come down to the wire, as Vandy would miss a go-ahead field goal in the final minutes, keeping Ainge and the Vols' division title hopes alive. Tennessee won 25-24.

Perhaps no performance tops Casey Clausen, who in 2003 threw for 262 yards and three touchdowns in his Neyland finale. Tennessee routed Vanderbilt 48-0.

And of course, you can't forget Peyton Manning. The Sheriff led the Vols to a 17-10 win over Vanderbilt, their eighth straight, which clinched them a trip to the SEC Championship