Neither Mercedes Russell nor Diamond DeShields have put too much thought into the WNBA draft. 

Both Lady Vols admitted Friday the decision to turn pro in April is fast approaching. However, there's no rush in their minds. 

They've got a tournament to win.

"The most important thing for us is just to respect all of our opponents here," DeShields said Friday. "There's no team here that can't be beat. The year we've had has been full of lots of ups and downs. We don't want to repeat that cycle. We want to stay on top of our game and get to a good place so that we can compete deep in the tournament."

Coach Holly Warlick agreed, saying the team plays an intelligent game of basketball and has potent three-point-shooting guards - not unlike SEC foe Missouri.

"They run a system, and they do it very well," Warlick said. "So it will be a challenge for us to limit their threes. Keep them in front of us. Keep them off the boards. Just all those things that make a competitive basketball team, and I think that's what Dayton is."

The team has hit the film room hard studying the Flyers' system. Warlick said she tweaked one two things on Tennessee's offense and defense, but she's confident in what the team's game plan has been throughout the season.

"We're going to go with what's successful for us, and I'm sure Dayton would concur as well," Warlick said. "There is a reason why they're here and we're here. But your players have to make plays. We can tell them to do certain things in the game but the ball's in their court by the time the game starts."