10sports reporter Luke Slabaugh shot hoops with Tennessee senior point guard Jordan Reynolds in advance of postseason play. 

Below is part of their conversation, in which Jordan details her future in basketball, the Lady Vols' enigmatic season, and her style of play at the point guard position.

Luke Slabaugh: You're a senior. You're the only true senior on the team. Mercedes [Russell] is a fourth-year junior and you got [Schaquilla Nunn] who transferred in, but you're the only person who's been here four years and played all four years. It must have flown by, yeah?

Jordan Reynolds: It did. Me and my coaches always talk about how they came out to see me five years ago and in like a blink of an eye, it's already here.

LS: And after this season, it's the pros?

Jordan: Yeah. Hopefully try to play pro either overseas or get drafted or get picked up for the WNBA. Go somewhere beautiful like New York or L.A.

LS: This season's been kind of interesting. You guys have had some great wins against tough, tough opponents. And then some nights, it's not there. How would you pinpoint the problems? Is it sometimes focus, or what is it?

Jordan: I would say it's focus. We've gone and played Notre Dame, for example. We played Notre Dame, had a great win on our home floor and then we had to go play Auburn and go back to the SEC. So it's refocusing our mind from the ACC game, the big challenge, to going back and playing the SEC team and not taking anyone with any different types of records the same. You've got to treat every team the same.

LS: We were talking just a few minutes ago. You said how you're going to remember your time here is based strictly on what happens the next couple of weeks.

JR: Yeah. If we get our team back to the Final Four, it'll be something that I think our team will be remembered for. We haven't had the best success in the last couple years, but if we get back there it doesn't matter what our record was and people will remember that more than anything. We hear a lot of outside talk from our coaches, we don't read it. They tell us how people are doubting us. Everyone's just going to have to sit back and watch.

LS: What's your best shot? What's your signature shot you make?

JR: My highest percentage is coming off a screen - maybe from the right side from Mercedes - regular pull up.

LS: Do you have any cool trick shots?

JR: Trick shots? Yes, with my AAU team. When we were in middle school we always used to do this shot before practice. I was the first one to make it. You have to put your feet together - it's the dumbest thing - put your feet together on the out of bounds. You can't jump, and you have to make it.