On Tuesday, it was announced the University of Tennessee and eight unnamed women resolved a federal gender discrimination lawsuit for $2.48 million.

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The lawsuit was not expected to make it to trial for at least two years. ESPN.com's Chris Low says the settlement is good for the Tennessee football program.

"If anything, I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier," Low told WBIR. "I think the biggest penalty that Tennessee has paid in all this above the $2.48 million is all the negative publicity, fair or unfair, that has come about because of this lawsuit."

Low says the lawsuit has affected recruiting somewhat.

"In the SEC, anything you can use against another school, schools are going to use. You know every player that Tennessee has recruited over the last six months, other schools have used that against Tennessee," said Low.

Low does not disagree with the argument that Tennessee paid to move past this gender discrimination claim, but says when it comes to the football program, not having the lawsuit looming is ideal.

"I can tell you right now, the happiest person over there at the university is Butch Jones, that going into the season, and even before the start of preseason practice, this is behind them.

"Now, is it completely behind them? There's going to be some backlash. People are going to write columns. They're going to talk about that this is Tennessee admitting guilt, or at least negligence, but from a football perspective, not having that lawsuit, that cloud hanging over the football team, Butch Jones has got to be thrilled."