Gymnasts are amazing athletes; if you can compete on the bars and beams, you'll more than likely find success in other sports.

So the story goes with 10-year-old Mackenzie Stewart of Powell. Only this time, it got the attention of the Harlem Globetrotters. 

One day, while she was shooting hoops, Mackenzie decided to try her hand at a trick shot. As her mother, Amy, described it, Mackenzie attempted to do a front walk-over - as if on a balance beam - grab the basketball and shoot it. 

"Of course, we thought that was silly, she'd never get it," Stewart said.

Mackenzie didn't know why she attempted it in the first place.

"I just did it," Mackenzie said. "You need flexibility first to do it, though."

Mackenzie started hitting shots.



"It surprised me so much," Mackenzie said. 

Stewart started recording her daughter's shots on video. When the Globetrotters' World Trick Shot Day came around in December, she posted them on Twitter.

The Globies shared the video, and Globetrotters guard Fatima "TNT" Lister left Mackenzie a special video message.



"That was an amazing trick shot," Lister said in the video. "I would love to see you on our 2017 tour. Keep up the good work."

As a result of her trick shots, Mackenzie and her family won tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters game. The team will play in Thompson-Boling Arena Tuesday, March 14.

Mackenzie has developed three trick shots. They're tough acrobatic feats, but that's not what gets her.

"It's scary because people are watching me," Mackenzie said with a smile Wednesday.

The level-seven gymnast aspires to compete in the Olympics one day, though she has a few years before she has to worry about it. In the meantime, Mackenzie said she'll continue dabbling in trick shots.

"For viewing pleasure," Mackenzie said, laughing.