Knoxville saw its first ever local quidditch tournament on Saturday. 

Harry Potter fans from across the Southeast came to play the sport made famous by the popular books and movies.

 "Quidditch is a full contact sport with co-ed members and seven people per team," said Darcy Phinney, president of the University of Tennessee Quidditch Club. 

Phinney said the sport is close to what one might see in the movies, minus the magic and flying. 

"Games are about 20 to 40 minutes long and it's like a combined game of catch, dodge ball and take the tail off the donkey," she said. 

The club recently chose plastic over traditional wooden brooms to avoid leg splinters.

Five teams faced off in the "Rocky Top Rumble." Phinney said the tournament was over three years in the making. 

"The idea that we can finally get this here is a huge success and a huge step for the club in General," she said.