Week one is done and over with but the Vols quarterback battle continues. Wes Rucker of GoVols247.com answers some questions about the competition.

How healthy is it to have this quarterback battle carry into the season?

"There's two schools of thoughts on this. The first is that you have to compete for your spot every day at a place like Tennessee, nothing is given to you once and then you don't have to earn it back again. I think you have to battle every day. Second though, is that you have to treat quarterbacks a little different than other positions and that's usually the one that I believe in. But, I've seen this go both ways. I've seen it make both players better or it can pull a team apart. I don't want to raise any five-alarm fires, I do think it's something to keep an eye on.

Do you think Coach Jones is going to officially name a starting quarterback, or how long do you think this is going to go on for?

I think for the time being it's just going to be sort of understood that Quinten Dormady is the guy and that they'll mix in Guarantano whenever they can. Guarantano is such a talented guy and in this day in age you don't want to risk him taking his ball and going home. Quarterbacks are transferring all over the place.

You want to keep both quarterbacks happy. Guarantano didn't look very happy on the sideline Monday. Do you think that displayed a maturity issue?

I think you could look at it that way. When you consider what age these guys are I think it's understandable and I don't think it has to define him. Now, if it keeps happening, sure there's a problem. But if this was a one time thing, I think they can make this what the call a "Teachable moment". But certainly these kids have to be cognizant that all the time everywhere they go they're a walking billboard, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing and if you're sitting on the sideline and you look like you're pouting during a game, that's a bad billboard.