Former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs was featured on ESPN's 'Gruden's QB camp' that aired Sunday night.
Those familiar with Dobbs probably wouldn't be surprised with the way he began the meeting, but Gruden was.
Dobbs handed Gruden a check for his organization called Fired Football Coaches Association, FFCA, which gives back to high school athletic programs. 
Here are a few takeaways from the rest of segment:
Before they delve into the x's and o's, Dobbs addressed his decision to pursue a career in football before putting his degree to use in a career in aerospace engineering. 

Gruden asks Dobbs why draft experts don't have him going very high. 

Gruden believes Dobbs shares a lot of qualities with former Mississippi state and current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. 

In the end, Jon Gruden gives Dobbs an "A".
The 2017 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 27th.