A Maryville man is among several dozen federal inmates who are getting commuted sentences thanks to President Obama.

The White House announced the latest round of commutations on Thursday afternoon. The president has cut the sentences this year in several rounds for inmates.

Five Tennesseans including Tesmone Darin Paschal of Maryville are getting a sentencing break.

His original sentence of 300 months' confinement on cocaine and weapon convictions will be cut to 188 months. He was convicted in 2007.

Also getting a sentencing break is Ivan Calhoun of Cleveland.

Calhoun was convicted of distributing methamphetamine in 2004. He got a 238-month term. That's being reduced to a sentence that will allow him to get out in October 2018, if he enrolls in a residential drug treatment program.

Three other Tennesseans are getting commutations under Thursday's announcement.

They are:

*Anthony Anderson, of Trenton, Tenn. He was convicted of drug charges. His 240-month term will now expire in February 2017.

*Philander Butler, of Memphis. For a cocaine distribution conviction, he received a life sentence in 1999. It's been commuted to 262 months imprisonment, just short of 22 years.

*Chris Robinson, of Winchester. His convictions for cocaine and use of a communication device netted him a life term in 2007. That's been reduced to 240 months, or 20 years, according to the White House.