NASHVILLE (WBIR) - They say things are easier the second time around. Now former Vol and Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter is getting a taste of that as he heads into his second training camp in Nashville.

"He's a lot more confident in his ability to play on this level," said fellow receiver Nate Washington, "so it's going to help us all out."

Kendall Wright added: "Justin is way different than what he was last year. He knows more of the game. He still has a lot of room to get better and he's improving everyday."

In his rookie campaign, Justin Hunter had 18 catches for 354 yards and four touchdowns. Most importantly, he got experience.

He was up and down from a mental standpoint last year," said Jim Wyatt, who covers the Titans for The Tennessean. "I think this year he feels like he's ready to go. He'll have to settle in and adjust to a bigger role but I think he certainly looks the part. I expect him to have a much bigger role this year."

"I feel like I'm different because you know I got a little bit older and I know more about the game and everything with Nate and Kendall out there to teach me up and I just feel like a little bit more experienced," Hunter said.

Last year it was getting used to the pace of the pros, now it's a new offensive coordinator.

"Right now they've got me in there taking extra reps all the time," said Hunter, "they want me to be that guy, the X position in 3-wide definitely. They've got me working a lot harder than last year and I feel it's going to turn out good for me."

Justin has made it clear. His goal for camp is mental.

"My first goal is to have nothing to do with them telling me what to do," Hunter said. "I have to know it when I go out there. I don't want them on my tail for me not doing something that I was suppose to do."

Kendall Wright: "I mean it's not like they're out there screaming and yelling Justin do this, Justin do that. He knows and if he messes up, he messes up at full speed and he's getting better. He has a great chance to be one of those guys for us this year."

He's certainly not a rookie anymore and Tennessee Vols fans and Titans fans will continue to watch and see just how much Justin Hunter can add to the Titans this season.