Little's Fish Market in Nashville is giving out free catfish to anyone who shows a ticket to Games 3 or 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Many of those could end up on the ice at Bridgestone Arena in accordance with Predators tradition. Could the catfish toss end up hurting the Predators? It could result in a bench minor penalty and a power play for Pittsburgh.

According to rule 63.4 in the NHL rule book, the referee can call a penalty on the home team if objects are thrown on the ice after a warning has been issued.

Rule 63.4:

"When objects are thrown on the ice during a stoppage in play,
including after the scoring of a goal, the Referee shall have
announced over the public address system that any further
occurrences will result in a bench minor penalty being assessed to
the home Team."

So Predators fans might be able to get away with throwing catfish after the first Nashville goal, but after that it could result in a penalty. Throwing the catfish after a hat trick or a win should be fine though. Back to the rulebook:

"Articles thrown onto the ice following a special
occasion (i.e. hat trick) will not result in a bench minor penalty being

Fans will want to make a statement about the passion in Smashville as the Predators host a Stanley Cup Final game for the first time ever on Saturday night at 8 p.m. That might mean several catfish raining down from the stands.