Those who knew Pat Summitt displayed their love with flowers and notes near her statue on the University of Tennessee campus on what would have been her 65th birthday.

The thing about Pat Summitt though, is you didn't have to know her personally.

Chelsey Dobbs was visiting Summitt's statue when I drove by.

"I knew today was her birthday so I said I want to go say happy birthday to Coach Summitt, so I said I’m going to stop by here on my way home from work," Chelsey said.

She didn't know Summitt personally but still considers her an important part of her life.

"It’s actually kind of emotional," said Dobbs. I could probably cry right now. I actually feel it coming, but it’s pretty great. It kind of makes you feel like she’s kind of still here. She’ll always be a Lady Vol, she was the pioneer of women’s basketball which I grew up playing and watching, so it’s definitely something special for me today."

The reason Chelsea lives in Knoxville today, has everything to do with Coach Summitt.

"I moved here like I said from West Virginia because it’s always been my dream to live in Knoxville and work at UT Medical because I’ve always been a Lady Vols fan and a Pat Summitt fan," said Dobbs. "I don’t know anyone down here but I told my mom I love it down here, and I can go to as many basketball games I want to, and visit the statue when I want."

Summitt was her idol growing up and when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Chelsea stepped up.

"In high school when she was first diagnosed, that’s when I first found out, I was part of the key club," Chelsey said. "I was the key club president and we would do fundraisers and we would donate to the Pat Summitt Foundation. So, when she passed it really broke my heart."

And, left many wishing they could spend just one more birthday with her.