Thursday night is looking good for South Doyle, which is hosting Morristown West. Morristown West is coming off of a strong district win over Jefferson County, but they have not been able to prove themselves this season. The team's record only includes two wins while South Doyle only has two losses. The Cherokees have won all of their district game thus far, and should strengthen their record with another before entering the playoffs in a few weeks.

Austin-East will host the Tigers of Pigeon Forge in what will likely be a sloppy district match-up. Pigeon Forge looked strong after their first game that resulted in a 55-0 win; however, starting Week 1 their record went downhill. They do possess two more wins than Austin-East and have the upper-hand in this game, but a win will not be easy for either team. Austin-East has only one win that they were able to squeeze out a couple weeks ago to Brainerd, so they will be desperately looking for ways to get a win since they stand a chance this week.

Karns is no longer at the bottom of the barrel after they defeated Halls a few weeks ago, and they have the possibility of taking another win this week at home. The Beavers will be building a fort to protect their home field as they plan to not let the Eagles of Gibbs get too comfortable during their visit. Gibbs is most likely to win this game, but once again this will not be a pretty battle. Both teams have a lot to prove and are desperate for a win.

Thursday is looking great for Central as they travel to Halls. Halls seems to have given up at this point as they are defeated week-after-week with no hopes of seeing the playoffs. The game will be in the bag for the Bobcats.

Bearden will host Farragut in a highly-anticipated rivalry that many students, alumni and fans look forward to each year. The Admirals have been solid this season and are coming off of a huge win over Heritage and a nail-biter win over Hardin Valley the week before that. On the other hand, Bearden is coming off of a loss to Hardin Valley in a game in which they did not even stand a chance.

West has been extremely solid this season, only giving up one game to the undefeated Maryville at the beginning of the season. They have pure talent at almost every position on the field, which gives their coaches a lot to work with when it comes to play calls. The Rebels will travel this week to Hardin Valley Academy. The Hawks are a decent team and will give West something to play against, but the Rebels will walk away from this matchup with heads held high and another "W" on their record.