Fulton High School led by 56 points when Union County High School senior Jacob Stiner broke out for a 95-yard touchdown run on Friday.

Stiner has special needs, and his sister is battling cancer. Friday marked the first time Stiner’s sister got to see him play.

It was also senior night for Union County.

Union County coach Chris Robbins met with Fulton head coach Rob Black before the game to make the play happen.

Black said the play was a learning moment for his team.

"A lot of different emotions fly at that time because you think about what this means to the player, his sister, and again how proud I’m sure his mother was,” Black said. “Once they told me that they were in on taking in that, and it was a pretty neat situation for us as well.”

Black said players from both teams cheered Stiner on, and helped him celebrate after the game.

“As a defense, you’re trying to keep people out of the end zone,” Black said. “But in this situation, you know, again, it was a moment for us to teach our young people that sometimes other things take precedence over that.”

Stiner managed the only score of the game for the Union County Patriots in the team's 62-6 loss to the Fulton Falcons.