Gatlinburg-Pittman hosted the Roadrunners of Austin-East to start out Week 6 of high school football.

Based off of each team's record, this week should be an easy toss to the end zone or a wide open field for Gatlinburg-Pittman.

The first quarter started out slow; neither team could even collect a first down or even make a play without a flag being thrown. However, with only a few minutes left in the quarter, the Highlanders would block a punt to only realize they had one too many players on the field. Its okay though, it will still be there possession. This turnover would lead to Gatlinburg-Pittman's first touchdown. Michael Muszik would run it in, GP up 6-0 after a missed extra point.

As soon as the second quarter came to a start, Gatlinburg-Pittman at least picked up their pace. They would turn the defense into offense and collect a pick six as they take it to the end zone.

Austin-East would finally get in the game but it would be a little too late as the Highlanders took advantage of their lead. Gatlinburg would win 32-15 and move to 6-1 and Austin East settles with the reverse, 1-6 record.