High school football coaches sacrifice so much of their time to help their kids lead better lives.

It got me to thinking...what's it like to be a coach's wife? What role does she play?

That led us to Shannon Harig, wife of Loudon football coach Jeff Harig. Shannon is all in when it comes to Redskins football.

She's a nervous wreck come kickoff, a "ball of nerves."

"It's a lot on the line at our house," Harig said. "Our whole mood at our home a lot of times revolves around whether we win or lose."

This is how life has been for the past 20-ish years. Loudon football actually brought Jeff and Shannon together; they met at a football game when Jeff was an assistant coach.

Jeff is back coaching at Loudon after two years at the helm at Knoxville West. The gig challenged the Harig family. They decided they were better off back at home. Loudon welcomed them with open arms.

"It's almost like we never left," Shannon Harig said. "How often does that happen, that people let you come back?"

Raising a football family is tough; now that her sons Jamison and Keaton are older, Shannon is investing more of her time in the Redskins football team.

"I like to build that relationship with them," Harig said. "You have some kids that don't have parents at home. They're being raised by a grandparent. You have kids that may not have everything that they need. We have an open door for our [players] and I hope they could come to us if they needed to."

Loudon beat McMinn Central by the score of 49-12 on Friday. Jamison scored a touchdown at wide receiver.