Hard work has led both Chris Johnson and Matthew Jump to break the school's high jump record.

The school high jump record was 5'10". Today, it stands at 6'2. Johnson and Jump have made it a reality without a track to practice on.

Sequoyah High originally had a plan to build a track. A lack of time and money put the plan on hold.

"We just have to put in more work, 'cause we know they're putting in more work where they have the facilities," Johnson said. "So we have to put in more, too."

This season, the duo spent maybe one day per week in the pit at Loudon High School. But there was no real way to track their progress.

"You just get to where you feel better, while you're jumping," Jump said. "We see our progress as we compete."

Jump, a junior, just finished his first year competing in the high jump. He learned there's more to it then running and jumping high. Johnson has taught him all about form, flexibility, and explosiveness.

"I just taught him, and he got better and better at it," Johnson said, grinning. "Until he used it against me to beat me."

Given the circumstances, the two jumpers are extremely proud of their progress.

"We're most definitely blessed," Johnson said. "We don't have a track, but we're just glad we can actually have a track team."