ID=11296847East Tennessee is caught up in the World Cup craze. And in the midst of following their favorite teams, many are wondering what the chances are of Team USA advancing. This tournament has a group stage that could go deep into tie breakers to decide who moves on, sometimes even relying on a coin toss.

Your team gets three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. During the group stage, the top two teams with the most points advances.

"It can get very very deep in thought, but really it is all about winning all your games. Losing is not a good thing. We have seen that with Spain and England already," said Austin Rhodes with the store Soccer Post in Knoxville.

So here are our chances:

In group G, which includes the US, Germany has almost a 100% chance of advancing.

Team USA follows behind at about 76% chance of moving forward. Ghana sits at 19%, and Portugal is at 5%.

For the boys in red, white and blue to move on, they must win or tie with Germany.

If the U.S. loses, they can still advance if Portugal and Ghana tie.

If there is no tie in that game, then it comes down to a number of tie breakers between the U.S. and the winner of the Portugal Ghana game. This is calculated through goals for, goals against, goal differentials, just to name a few.

Looking into the growth of the sport in America, USA's last game peaked around 23 million viewers during the final minutes of the draw. That made it the most watched soccer game in American history.

The USA vs Germany game starts at noon this Thursday.