ID=11433843(WBIR) It was a tough match on Thursday for team USA in Brazil. They took on Germany, who is considered one of the best teams in the world, for a chance to advance in the World Cup.

Millions of Americans cheered on the red, white and blue. Several of those celebrations happened right here in Knoxville.

Hundreds of people flooded downtown restaurants and bars dressed in red, whitE and blue from their heads to their toes.

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"This is the greatest country on earth and we are here to show support for our boys all the way in Brazil in a flooded city right now," said Kyle Clark, USA soccer fan.

It was standing room only at the Crown and Goose in the Old City. Dozens of people took time off of work to cheer on the USA. US Soccer tweeted a picture Thursday morning with an excuse to get out of work.

"The coach actually sent out a letter. It was like a doctor's excuse almost for missing work for this. I don't know if anyone is using it or not but it's floating around on the internet," said Jonathon Call, USA soccer fan.

For some fans, calling off for the big game wasn't a spur of the moment decision.

"I scheduled this off as soon as the game was scheduled. I called in sick months ago, about a few months ago," said Clark.

For those in Knoxville who couldn't get off of work, the World Cup was brought to them. Employees at the City County Building gathered together to watch the game in the comfort of their own office.

"It's good comradery with the other people that you work with and it's exciting because the U.S. is doing well," said David Harrison, USA soccer fan.

But fans said it doesn't matter where you are, it just matters you support the red, white, and blue.

"In Knoxville, you usually only see the orange and the white of UT. This is something else the city can get behind because it's nationwide. One nation, one team," said Call.

Team USA did fall to Germany on Thursday afternoon with a score of 1-0. But thanks to Portugal's win over Ghana, they will advance to the round of 16.