This summer, Knoxville will be hosting the 2017 U.S.A. Cycling Professional Road and Time Trial Championships. On Wednesday, organizers unveiled the two routes. 

The time trial is 7.7 kilometers long and the road race covers 12.8 kilometers. 

MAP: Road race course

MAP: Time trial course

Both courses go through Downtown along the Tennessee river and the road course also winds through South Knoxville. 

USA Cycling has held races in the South before, but leaders say Knoxville's layout makes for a challenging course.

"I think that there's a really great potential here for great courses in downtown Knoxville being in more of an urban setting, as well as some of the climbs away from the river. So all the pieces came together and we're excited to be here," Micah Rice with USA Cycling said. 

The event is being held June 23-24 and it's expected to bring millions of dollars into Knoxville's economy.