The Titans’ Sunday game against the Dolphins in Miami could be played in Nashville as Hurricane Matthew twists its way north.

Titans head coach Mike Mularkey said on his radio show Tuesday that team officials are discussing a contingency plan.

"We're watching the weather with the hurricane that's going on down there," Mularkey said Tuesday on the Mike Mularkey Show on 104.5 The Zone. "There may be some weather issues. There's a very slight chance that game could be moved up here. There's been some discussion because of it."

Mularkey said his team has been preparing to play in the heat in a newly remodeled Dolphins' stadium.

"They spent half a billion dollars to upgrade the stadium, and one of things they did was they put a canopy on it to provide shade for the fans," said Steven Wine, who covers the Dolphins for the Associated Press. "It is designed to withstand a Category 4 hurricane, and last time I checked, Matthew was a Category 4 hurricane. If that doesn't fly off, we'll be OK."

Hurricane Matthew threatens to pound residents with 5-to 7-foot storm surges.

Florida and the Carolinas are under states of emergency.

The evacuation zone covers 100 miles from the shoreline, and the National Guard is at the ready.

As of Tuesday night, the death toll from Hurricane Matthew has risen to at least 11 in the Caribbean.