ID=14024583Knox County parents can now track every trip their child takes on a school bus thanks to GPS technology.

The trackers have been in the school buses for the last five years, but only the school faculty could use it. Now they have all the kinks worked out and it's available for parents to use online.

Marie Isabell picks her six-year-old daughter up from Christenberry Elementary every school day.

She said her daughter will take the bus when she grows up.

A big selling point was Knox County Schools' GPS tracking of buses.

"Just keeping track of where they are at.You know in case the buses have gone off, and have been late. Older kids that I know in the past. I have older children that have been through it. I think it's a good idea. That way they don't get lost," said Isabell.

The trackers allow parents to log on with their student's identification number and see their child's bus on a map traveling in real time. And this is information only parents have access to.

"We don't want people that have no reason to know where the bus is to be able to track them, said Dr. Rick Grubb, director of transportation for Knox County Schools.

He had one easy way to identify the technology used.

"It's a cellphone in a box. And the cost of cellphone use has dropped so significantly that it made it affordable for us to have," said Grubb.

He said these trackers are useful for parents and for school efficiency.

"Many times we identify efficiency by doing that and we are able to reduce the amount of time between the stops in the schedule, ultimately taking fewer buses to do the complete service if you have more efficiency in," said Grubb.

Efficiency that is saving money for the schools, all while easing the minds of parents.

"We will have several parents call and say they like the extra steps of security saying the bus is where it is supposed to be," said Grubb.

The technology comes at no additional cost to any of the parents. It has already been budgeted for. For information on how to log in, go to Knox County School's website.