At just 13 days old, baby Hope Chimeno had her first encounter with Mother Nature. Last Wednesday, Hope was rescued from her home in Orange as water was rising during Harvey.

“Whenever we left, it had two to three inches to go before it was in the house. So I left just knowing we were coming back to a flooded house and we don’t have flood insurance.” Said Levi Chimeno.

The Chimenos were put on a boat thanks to the Cajun Navy, an unforgettable ride for the family of five.

“We were able to get into the boat like I said, they were very patient with us. We had seven people total along with seven animals.” Said Chimeno.

Baby Hope slept through the entire ride and never made a sound. When they arrived at the shelter, Hope caught the eye of another rescuer, Melissa Viator, who brought the family to her home in Lake Charles.

During that time, the Chimenos were approached by a Louisiana photographer, Noelle Mills.

Mills donated a photo session of the baby on the boat she was rescued on. Hope wore an appropriate slogan, “I survived Hurricane Harvey.”

The photos went viral on social media. “His wife was like, have you had newborn pics of the baby and I was like no! That was the last thing on my mind at the time.” Said Emily Chimeno.

The pictures giving Southeast Texas “hope” after Harvey.

Thankfully, the Chimeno’s home was one of the few homes that was not flooded during Harvey.