East Tennessee needs rain. We are in an extreme drought, with the dry conditions fueling wildfires and water restrictions in some areas. But there could be a little relief on the way.

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First, we could see a few sprinkles on Wednesday, or a pop up shower or two, with a greater chance in the evening hours. Still, if you see the rain, it will most likely be spotty and light, and less than a 1/4 of an inch is expected.

The greater chance for some measurable rain comes next week.

Meteorologist Matt Sanderson says it's still too soon to know for sure, but if weather conditions align properly, we could get some real moisture puling in from the Gulf of Mexico on Monday and Tuesday.

That could set us up for some moderate to heavy rainfalls over a couple of days, which would be a welcome relief to the dry conditions. If it sets up right, some places could see an inch of rain or more early next week.

Again, Matt says it's not a guarantee because a lot depends on the weather pattern, but it is our best chance of a good rain in a while.

And that's something to be thankful for.