Loudon County dispatchers reported there are several trees and power lines down in the Philadelphia area of the county, mostly in the downtown area.

They have no reports yet of any significant structural damage, though one abandoned building that residents said used to be the old city hall looked like it was damaged by falling trees. There were several reports of trees falling on roofs, and some minor flooding.

There are no reported injuries at this time.

Philadelphia Elementary School was on lockdown for a short time while the storm was moving through, but that has since been lifted and the kids got safely home.

In Monroe County, dispatchers said they also had trees and lines down, and reports of power outages. They are not aware of any injuries of significant damage to any buildings or homes.

Viewers shared pictures of quarter-sized hail in Roane County.

A tornado warning was issued around 3 pm for Loudon, Monroe, and McMinn County.