The 10Weather team is enjoying the fall weather in East Tennessee (even though it's feeling a little like summer on some days!), but they are already looking forward to winter.

A few weeks ago, they took a hike up to Look Rock to check out the changing leaves, and to talk about their favorite subject--- weather!

They are nailing down their winter weather forecast, which we share with you next week on 10News, but they also kept an eye out for signs from nature. While we typically use sophisticated computer models and the latest technology to forecast the weather, sometimes it’s good to go back to our roots and see what nature has in store for the upcoming winter season.

Our grandparents weren't lucky enough to have trained meteorologists and computers to give them the forecast, so they relied on signs-- everything from hornet nests to nuts.

Check out the videos below to hear Todd's take on folklore weather, plus hear the team talk about their favorite kind of weather, why East Tennessee's weather is so varied, and explain what causes the fall leaves to change color.

The fall leaves are stunning as always and our weather team explained that the fall colors are actually there throughout the year.

The dominant pigment, chlorophyll, give the leaves their green appearance throughout the summer. Once the days begin to get shorter during the fall months, the green color begins to fade and shades of yellow, orange and red can show through. The leaves also begin to change color in the highest elevations first and then work their way down into the Valley. Ideal weather conditions for preserving the fall foliage would be warm and sunny days with cool nights.

VIDEO: 10Weather team hikes in search of fall leaves

VIDEO: 10Weather team explains why East Tennessee's weather is so varied

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