It took seconds for dangerously high winds and a big old tree to ruin nine months of work at a South Knoxville home.

The Stachel family had been renovating their home on Honeysuckle Trail since last fall, and had just finished up on Friday. Then, Sunday's unusually strong storms swept across east Tennessee.

"For a while it just sounded like a normal big storm then at one point I got up and looked out the window by the back door and saw the pine tree and the tree next to it going crazy and went to tell my wife that I think they're coming down. Before I could do that it came down on my house right above my head," said David Stachel.

The large tree on top of Stachel's house wasn't his only problem.

A number of trees fell down across the road Sunday night, making it impossible for him to get anyone up to his house to remove the tree and begin repairs. The trees even prevented our cameras from getting to the home to see the damage.