A look back at the Manhattan Project

Recently the Farragut Folklife Museum has become home to many items with an enriched history.

"It's recognized by historians and journalists to be the most significant project or activity of the last century and here it was centered right here in East Tennessee," said Steve Stow, who volunteers at the museum.

The exhibit explores many aspects of the project from inception to its current legacy.

"In the summer of 1942 General Leslie Groves was put in charge of the project and he got it going and immediately selected this big hunk of land in East Tennessee to be the headquarters of the project. This letter is from General Leslie Groves. The letter tells to setup a special laboratory which is called X-10 here in East Tennessee so that letter kind of represents the birth certificate for Oak Ridge National Laboratory," he said.

"The Manhattan Project created a legacy that has woven itself into the fabric of America's history, influencing everything from how we fight to how we live. Not only do we have nuclear power, but we've got a nuclear navy, nuclear medicine, but perhaps the greatest impact or legacy of the Manhattan Project in this area is the establishment of Oak Ridge National Laboratory which is internationally recognized so the legacy is absolutely immense."


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