A closer look at haunted houses

Halloween season means haunted attractions, haunted forests, haunted trains and of course haunted houses. Like a thick fog, the month of October descends upon these seemingly innocent locations, transforming them into nightmarish destinations. With scares in high demand, haunted attraction owners are tasked with presenting the latest and greatest haunting experience.

Just ask Chris from Frightmare Manor where it seems to be October all year round. "Part of the year round experience of us creating Frightmare Manor is not only designing, setting up, working in the attractions themselves, but it's also researching, educating and buying things and this happens at the trade shows and conventions that we go to. It's people talking about haunted attractions, what works, what doesn't work, how to affectively scare and get you customers excited to come back to your haunted house."

And what makes them come back? How does a house full of fake props and monster masks deliver so much real fear? "One of the top necessities is being believable. We really try to immerse you in the environment. We want believability, we want authenticity and we want actors in your face. Once people think they are actually involved in a scene or the property itself the scare becomes that much more intense."

It also doesn't hurt when the location of your haunted attraction has its own, terrifying back-story. Frightmare Manor takes place in an actual haunted victorian homestead. A hundred and three years ago, half of Frightmare Manor was an actual home in which Jeremiah Lexar lived in. It's said that Jeremiah Lexar was responsible for the untimely demise of around thirty people. Now-a-days he spends his time roaming the halls of the old homestead.

"Haunted attractions and Halloween in general give adults a reason to act like a kid again. it takes them back to whenever they liked to trick or treat. It takes them back to whenever they liked to dress up so at Frightmare Manor we liked to bring out the kid in all adults."


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