The Duggars are 'trying' for a 20th baby!

Parenting 19 children is apparently not enough for Michelle, 47, and Jim Bob Duggar, 48, who say they are hoping to get pregnant and welcome Baby No. 20!

"I would hope, but we are not expecting right now. I would be so grateful if the Lord blessed us with another one," Michelle told Celebrity Baby Scoop when they asked if another little one is in the family's future. "We're trying at this point and we shall see if that is a possibility. If not, we are so thankful and grateful for the ones that God has given us so far. We are also definitely enjoying our grandbabies! They are so precious!"

When asked about critics' concerns over global overpopulation, Michelle says she doesn't believe the hype.

"We have studied it and I believe that there is a misconception about overpopulation. I think that the whole mind-set of overpopulation is really overrated. ... I think that there is this ideology that goes behind overpopulation that I don't really agree with. It's a different perspective and that's where people have their different ideas, and that's okay. That's what makes the world go around; there are many different ideas and different perspectives about certain topics."

The Duggars' 19 children range in age from 2 to 25, and Michelle and Jim Bob also have three grandchildren, thanks to eldest son Josh. Michelle suffered a miscarriage in December 2011.


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