Your Stories: Edie Wadsworth

A fun-loving, colorful and very popular blogger lives right here in East Tennessee in Bean Station. She writes from the comfort of her gorgeous home surrounded by inspiration.

"I really think there is something special about beauty. It speaks to us. It calls to us. It teaches us things," said Edie Wadsworth.

Edie embraces the beauty around her. "I don't follow any rules!"

And she takes risks, big risks! Edie went to years of medical school to become a physician.

"I gave my twenties to medicine," said Edie. Soon after, she started in family practice in Morristown at the same office with her husband, a podiatrist, in a multi-specialist group of doctors.

"I had a tendency to get way too attached to my patients so I was the worst poster child for a doctor," said Edie. "My patients had my cell phone number and I gave them rides home after clinic. They would come to my office and ask for money. My husbands like, 'You have zero boundaries.'"

With demanding jobs and eight kids between Edie and her husband, it was too much. So, she quit and started something entirely new!

"I came home from being this overzealous, over-driven professional. I had all of this creative energy that I needed to channel somewhere and so I started my blog as a journal," said Edie.

Life in Grace was born, a lifestyle blog filled with family, fashion, food, faith, far away from her job as a physician.

"It's turned out so perfect in so many ways. It's totally changed our lives," she said. "Now I see God's hand in all of it bringing me in this weird twisted pathway to what I'm currently doing, which is such a blessing."

Edie now has a platform to share her gifts starting with interior design. Her home is truly a showplace! A mix of new, antique and bright! And this house is brand new after their house caught fire early one morning, three days before Christmas.

"We all got out just really in the nick of time and went over to our neighbor's house right after it happened and watched our house burn down. It was pretty much gone within an hour," said Edie.

They lost everything.

"It was a house full of collectibles, precious things and you realize that not very much of it matters," she siad. "We have tremendous faith and we just trusted that God had a purpose and a reason."

Edie and her family rebuilt a beautiful home that looks like it's been theirs forever filled with treasures and collectibles.

"A lot of my stuff is antique thrift store buys. I did a lot of online shopping," said Edie.

And this girl can cook! Italian wedding soup and lemon bars were on the menu when we visited Edie. Still, Edie can't sit still. Her house is always changing. It's like a never-ending art project.

It's these wild ideas and creative color choices that won her home a spot in Better Homes and Gardens. It showcased just how eclectic her taste really is. One of her main design tips for her blog readers: don't be afraid.

"Fill your house with things you love even if it's not technically designer-done," said Edie.

Edie might not fit into any mold. She certainly doesn't follow design rules, but she stays true to God, family and East Tennessee.

"I think the landscape itself just the hills and the rivers and the mountains, it just becomes part of who you are," she said.

Edie Wadsworth, sharing her 'Life in Grace' with the world from her sweet home in Bean Station.

One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.

Edie has a special section on 'Life in Grace' just for WBIR viewers. It has more design tips, the Italian Wedding soup recipe and a free hospitality e-book download. Special link for WBIR viewers


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