Better than a limo for UT fan: Volmobile

Super fan blings out his checkerboard truck. Live at Five at Four. September 16, 2016

WEST KNOXVILLE - He is a University of Tennessee sports fan who is not content to wave an orange shaker and wear a Power T shirt.

Roy Hughes not only wears his colors, he also drives them.

Hughes drives to games in his Volmobile. It is also how he commutes from Knoxville to Loudon for work.

"Quite a bit of reaction, some good, some bad," he said. "Somebody will show a hat to me that's Florida or get the Gator chomp or something like that. But sometimes I reverse it on them and pull up beside a car that's got an Alabama sticker on the back or Vanderbilt and I say 'Nice sticker, you must really be a fan.'"

Hughes is a super fan who would rather DIY his VFL: Vol for Life.

"I took it to a place that did body wraps and they wanted $900," he said. "So I cut each and every square out one at a time and placed them on one at a time to get this effect."

"I took the Ford emblem off, put a little white out on it, and put a VFL sticker on it. We're good to go," he said.

There's also a VFL on the back on the Volmobile.

"I love my license plate. I was so tickled that it was available," he said. 

The outside trim is checkerboard and the inside trim is - what else? - orange. He covered the back seats with football jerseys.

He added an official-looking decal to the driver's side door.

"I decide with the UT University of Tennessee because that's what is on their official vehicles hoping that maybe I could get a place to park over there," Hughes said.

This fan scores big points for his attention to detail: Vol door handles, orange dust covers and even his lawn mower has a custom paint job.

He displays range flags on top or his truck and on the back. He converted his rear windshield wiper to a flag waver.

"I had not seen that before so I thought that's pretty cool," he said. "I'm always trying to come up with different ideas. The windshield wiper thing I just came up with last weekend. And also there's an audio part of it as well."

The Volmobile blasts football-appropriate music.

He said a lot of fans like to snap pictures of the Volmobile. Hughes has pictures with UT celebrities standing next to the Volmobile, including Butch Jones, Holly Warlick, Rick Barnes and Jeff Jarnigan.

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