Sunspot pan-roasted beets

Chef Randy from Sunspot shows us how to make tasty pan-roasted beets.

Sunspot stopped by to make their special side-dish, Pan-Roasted beets with local tomatoes, goat cheese, pecans, basil and balsamic.


one to two beets, boiled until tender, peeled and sliced

two to three local tomatoes, washed and rough chopped

two to three ounces of goat cheese

¼ cup of toasted pecans

¼ cup of fresh basil, thinly sliced

¼ cup of balsamic vinegar, good quality

¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil, good quality

salt and pepper to taste

zest of one lemon, one orange and one lime

one tb of honey


Heat up a skillet on medium heat and season the sliced beets on both sides. When oil is hot sear the beets on each side for about two minutes or until slightly brown. Arrange on a plate. Toss the tomatoes with all the other ingredients except for the goat cheese and pecans and arrange on top of the beets. Place the goat cheese around the salad and then sprinkle the pecans on top of the salad


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