Tuna, mango, and guacamole burger

By using a biscuit or cookie cutter to shape the layers, you can create an impressive meal or by using a smaller cutter, nice bite sized snacks that will be the talk of any gathering.


4 tuna steaks
2 Mangos, peeled, or 4 wheel shaped slices of pineapple may be substituted
1-2 cups fresh in store made guacamole
2 packages of ramen noodles (discard the flavor pack)
½ cup black and white sesame seeds
½ cup scallions, green part cut into thin rings
1 Tablespoon black pepper

Cook Ramen noodles and drain liquid.
Evenly separate noodles into non-stick muffin pan holes and bake uncovered for 10-12 minutes until noodles are dry but not brittle - making discs in the muffin pan and let cool.
Using a slightly larger than the muffin pan hole cookie cutter/biscuit cutter, carefully cut the tuna steaks into rounds.
Roll the tuna in the mixed sesame seeds and bake in 350 degree oven for 5-10 minutes to desired amount of doneness.
Cut mangos long ways into two oval pieces and use cookie cutter to cut round pieces.
Build by placing ramen noodle "bun" on bottom, layer of guacamole, slice of mango, and tuna steak on top.
Garnish with scallion rings or seaweed salad may be substituted.
Serve with jasmine rice or rice pilaf.

Presented by: Chef Andre Nowading, Kroger


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