Knoxville Moms Blog connects women online, in person

Social media is making moms more social here in Knoxville. A website and a Facebook page keep them connected online -- and in person.

In fact, a play group at The Little Gym is a real life activity that grew out of a blog Natalie Rickerson started.

"I had a friend in New Orleans who started New Orleans Moms Blog so she told me I should try one here in Knoxville," Rickerson said.

So she did. She started a franchise called Knoxville Moms Blog about 15 months ago.

Rickerson recruited her friend Francesca to write. Then she became managing editor.

"Together with Natalie I work on the calendar for all of the blog posts, I work with the contributors, I edit the posts, I get them ready for our website, do all the Internet information," Francesca Latham said.

The collaborative blog posts daily content from more than a dozen bloggers.

"A lot of them are local moms with blogs of their own so they are really into the whole blogging world and it's been great. We have so many wonderful contributors," she said.

Rickerson said: "Anything from crafts or food to day-to-day things that moms go through: potty training, trying to find a school for your children, anything you can think of we are writing about it."

Rickerson sells ad space to family-friendly businesses.

"We work with local businesses for them to connect to our audience, to moms, like Little Gym that we're here today," she said.

In addition to play dates, the blog also connects readers for moms' nights out.

"Sometimes it's hard to talk when the kids are running around crazy at a play group so it's nice to do that. We do fitness classes," Rickerson said.

It's a tool to stretch their social circles.

Latham said,"We all come from different backgrounds and we have different experiences and it's just great to have that."

Rickerson said, "I've met so many great ladies. A lot of moms from different backgrounds who have different kids and it's just been really fun because some are working full time. Some are at home."

No matter where they are they seem to be making time for Knoxville Moms Blog.

"We're somewhere between 50 to 75,000 is what we're averaging which is actually good for a local target site which is what we are since we are focusing on East Tennessee," Natalie said.

And finding fun for moms and their kids.


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