Do opposites really attract?

(WBIR) You know the old saying "opposites attract," but is that really true?

There are tons of movies about this very topic: "Overboard," "The Ugly Truth," "The Notebook," "Titanic," "Pretty Woman" and "The Princess Bride."

Lots of us have rooted for the nerdy girl to sweep the popular guy off his feet, but experts are dashing that daydream with new research.

A professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington told "Upwave" that research shows similar people are more likely to get together in the first place. And here's another whammy, similar people are more likely to find satisfaction in their relationships.

But just because you may be a little different than your significant other doesn't mean your relationship is doomed. Being different in minor areas works but most successful couples share core values, similar backgrounds and thoughts on what they do and don't like, according to a professor who studies relational communication at DePaul University.

Also take a look at your best friends. Chances are they're pretty similar to you as well.


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