Hidden cash game making plans to come to Knoxville

A generous prankster started a scavenger hunt this weekend when a hidden cash Twitter game came to Middle Tennessee.

Colleen Michie of Franklin started following @HiddenCashTN then went searching on a whim and wound up finding $73 at the Carnton Plantation. The rules of the game are that the person giving away the money typically remains anonymous.

"I'm just a kid at heart," Michie said. "I love things like that."

He or she behind @HiddenCashTN is also making plans to do drops for CMA Fest and Bonnaroo.

The account also tweeted at 10News saying they'll be in Knoxville next week.

Another Twitter handle, @hiddencash, started the game in California.

"We love the idea that @hiddencash started," @HiddenCashTN wrote in a direct message to a Tennessean reporter. "We have no agenda and hope that people will have fun and be inspired to help others."

As of 11:27 a.m., @HiddenCashTN had 335 followers, but when Michie started playing the game there were less than 40.

"The next picture I saw posted was Carnton Plantation, and I knew it well," she said. "I knew exactly where the picture was. I got down there and there was just one other couple and a single guy there at the time."

The accompanying clue with the picture from the plantation said: "Don't go inside the fence at the cemetery area."

By the time Michie found the cash, 20 people were scattered around the cemetery. Michie found the money tucked up between the rails of the fence. She plans to put the $73 in her son's college fund.


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