Car sales accelerate to levels seen before the economic downturn

Automakers are reporting double-digit growth as sales accelerate by 17-percent compared to August 2012. It's a sign of an economic recovery and is one dealerships have been waiting for several years to reach.

Charles West, president of West Chevrolet, said, "We've just been really excited. It seems like things have really turned around."

Car dealerships in East Tennessee are seeing more people cruise around their lots. And many of them aren't afraid to park in a seat and sign on the dotted line.

"I think the turnaround comes from a couple of things. One, housing is rebounding a little bit here in East Tennessee. And the other thing is people have just had their cars for a long time. The average age of a car out in the world is 11 years old so it's time for people to trade," West said.

But new car buyers aren't looking for just any set of wheels. They're looking for something that gets better mileage.

Toyota of Knoxville's new car sales manager, Todd Weber, said in addition better mileage, better incentives are rolling in. Things like special financing rates, more money back, and better warranties.

"Some of them are even going as far as putting rebates and special financing rates together and that's never been heard of before and that's usually on your closeout models, like your 2013s when you're going into 2014," Weber said.

Before speeding to a dealership, potential buyers are encouraged to do their research. Know what you're looking for before stepping foot on a lot, and also know how much money you're willing to spend.


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