Many high-rising food prices come from East TN

(WBIR) The costs continue to rise for so many items when you go to the store -- meats, fruit, etc.

USA Today recently listed the top 10 foods with the highest increases over the last four years -- many have ties to East Tennessee.

The number one is bacon.

"In that length of time, it's probably jumped as fast this year than any time that we've seen over the last 41 years in business," said Allan Benton with Benton's Country Hams.

Nationally, the cost of bacon went from $3.63 to $5.55 per pound in four years -- an increase of 53%, according to the USA Today study.

"Lots of pigs have died from a virus which has received national attention -- which has been the biggest culprit of that equation," Benton added.

Other items include ground beef, chicken, and turkey -- which are all raised in East Tennessee. Coffee is also included in the list of top food price increases, along with wine.

"We do have quite a few manufacturing facilities in Tennessee that process these products, and turn them into the end product that we get as consumers," said UT Extension agent David Vandergriff.

Benton says the business is cyclical- one year high, a few years later low. He hopes these prices are as high as they'll go.

"In the end, it goes back to supply and demand," he added.


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