Target now says data stolen from 70M customers

MINNEAPOLIS -- Seventy million Target customers' home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and names are now known to possibly be in the hands of hackers.

Target released that information, just weeks after then news that 40 million credit card users numbers may have been taken in the same data breach late last year.

So what does that mean for this new batch of 70 million people?

"It certainly means that there is the potential that your information could be used for fraudulent activities whether it is identity theft or credit card fraud," Jake Dewoskin, an IT expert at Minneapolis based McGladrey said.

While this information is potentially less threatening, cyber wise, than the hackers getting your credit card number and PIN it is serious.

"The challenge is all of this information is so closely linked, your credit card information, your social security information, your home address, contact information," Dewoskin said.

Experts offer the following advice for your safety.

1. Sign up for credit card fraud protections, like those Target is offering, either with that offer or on your own.

2. Pay close attention to your email; your address could be ripe for phishing attacks asking you to disclose personal information or to open up an attachment that has a virus.

3. Pay very close attention to your mail.

"If you start receiving invoices or bills at home that are for products or cards or other services you are not consuming, cell phones are a big one, pay attention," Dewoskin said.

With just your name and personal contact information a person can use that to open up a phone account and in many cases bill you as they have your address.

Obviously getting a bill will help you end that issue rather quickly.


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