Update: Knox County Schools closed Friday

10:45 AM, Jan 8, 2010   |    comments
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  • This crash happened on Chapman Highway south of Lake Forest Road, shortly before 3:40 p.m.
  • I-40 at Walker Springs, as of 4 p.m.
  • The view of I-40 and Papermill, as of 4 p.m.
  • James White Parkway early Friday morning.
  • Abandoned cars at the Bread Box Shell gas station off Gallaher View Road.

Knox County Schools have called off school for Friday, January 8.

Other closures

Several child care centers across East Tennessee are closed or opening late. Please check with your day care provider to see what their plans are before you leave the house Friday morning.

DOE's Oak Ridge Office will open two hours late.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory employees will report to work two hours late.

Loudon County goverment offices will be closed Friday, with the exception of criminal court.

Roane County General Session Court will be closed Friday.  If you have a court date scheduled, contact the clerk's office next week for a new date.

Tennessee State Bank is opening at 9:00 am on Friday.

Enrichment Federal Credit Union will open at 9:30 am on Friday.

ORNL Federal Credit Union is opening at 9:30 am on Friday.

The Knoxville Zoo is closed on Friday.

Knoxville Family Justice Center is closed on Friday.

The Knox County Clerk's Office and satellite offices are closed Friday.

The City of Maynardville Uitlity Office is closed.

National College is on a two hour delay.

Blaine City Hall is closed.

Union County Health Department is closed.

Sevier County Chancery Court is closed.

Grainger County Sessions Court is closed.

Knoxville Dermatology Group offices are closed.

Gay Street Bridge shut down

The city of Knoxville has shut down the Gay Street bridge due to ice.

Word of the shutdown came in just after 3:15 on Thursday afternoon.

City of Knoxville crews are salting roads, first on the cities main streets and the areas around medical facilities.

Director of Public Service David Brace said crews should be done with work on Level I streets by 8 p.m. They'll assess conditions at that point.

Some crews will likely be staying over to help the night shift teams, due to potentially hazardous conditions. The city has 21 vehicles for snow and ice removal.

Crashes around Knox County

A car crashed into a building at Broadway and Depot. Police said the crash had no injuries, and the building was unoccupied.

Police said the crash was weather-related.

A Knox County school bus was involved in a crash at Francis and Tannahill, near Bearden Middle School. Three students were on board at the time. One adult was on board and is requesting medical assistance. The crash happened around 4:45 p.m. The bus number is not yet available.

Road condition reports

Here are road condition reports from 911 dispatchers, as of 5:30 p.m.

Anderson County: Back roads are covered with snow and ice. There are some slick spots on main roads.

Blount County: All back roads are slick. There are some slick spots on the main roads.

Bell County (KY): All roads are slick and hazardous.

Claiborne County: Back roads are very slick. Main roads are salted but still have some slick spots.

Cocke County: It just started snowing, so the roads are still good.

Cumberland County: The back roads are in bad shape. Some main roads are starting to re-freeze.

Fentress County: There have been about 6 wrecks since 3 p.m. Back roads and main roads are hazardous.

Grainger County: There are numerous slick roads throughout the county.

Greene County: Roads are slick across the county.

Hamblen County: Bridges and overpasses are freezing up. The call volume to 911 is increasing.

Harlan County (KY): Roads are slick and covered with snow. The highway department is out salting.

Jefferson County: Roads are starting to get slick. There are no accidents with injuries. There are several fenders-benders with vehicles sliding off the road.

Loudon County: The roads are extremely slick, particularly in the Philadelphia area.

McMinn County: Roads are just starting to get slick.

Monroe County: The roads are getting really bad, with wrecks everywhere.

Morgan County: The roads are getting really bad, with wrecks everywhere.

Roane County: The roads are very slick.

Scott County: Crews are salting left and right, all over the county.

Sevier County: Roads are just now getting bad.

Union County: The roads are extremely slick, with crashes everywhere.

Emergency crews set priorities

Knoxville Police have activated their Level II snow plan, as of 3:15 p.m. That brings about a number of changes to the way police will use staff and respond to incidents:

  • A Knoxville Police Department supervisor has been assigned to the E-911 Center to prioritize emergency calls for service.
  • All officers will be driving weather-equipped vehicles (snow tires, 4-wheel drive) and will be doubled up, rather than solo.
  • Police will only respond to crashes with injuries, unless a property-damage crash involves multiple vehicles or is blocking a major intersection. Motorists involved in crashes that only involve property damage should exchange insurance information and contact their insurance companies.

The Knoxville Fire Department has issed the vehicle "yellow tagging system." When a vehicle has been checked on by emergency personnel, (fire, police, ambulance) a yellow tag will be tied to a visible location on the abandoned vehicle. This will help prevent duplicate calls. The 911 dispatcher will ask the caller if they see a yellow ribbon on the vehicle before sending an emergency vehicle.

New road-clearing method in progress

TDOT crews are already spreading salt on the roads. Conditions are also right for TDOT to try out a new beet juice mixture to keep the roads clean.

A pulp left over when the sugar is processed out of beets will be mixed with salt and brine and spread on some ice roads this winter.

The mixture is aimed at helping the salt stick to the road.

Winter weather reports

Here are some reports of winter weather from around East Tennessee. Reports on individual roads have not been independently confirmed; take them with a grain of salt. Closures and cancellations have been confirmed.

--2:41 A caller reports the intersection of Amherst and Jackson in Knoxville is totally iced over. There's a big hill there, so be careful!

--2:45 Scanner traffic indicates loads of ice on Lonas Road. There's also ice on the Coster Shop bridge. Crews are asking for salt. There are also reports that Midway Road, just off I-40, is iced over.

--3:00 441 through the Smokies is closed.

--3:20 A meeting, scheduled for Thursday night to discuss a hotly debated cell phone tower in Townsend, has been canceled. The meeting will be reset for February 4.

-- 3:50 p.m. The YMCA facilities in Knoxville are closing at 4 p.m. They hope to reopen at 8 a.m.

--6:50 Simon Malls closed both the Knoxville Center and West Town malls at 6 p.m. They plan to be on normal hours for Friday.

--7:15 pm The jury call up scheduled for Friday at the Claiborne County Criminal Court has been canceled for Friday and rescheduled for Wednesday, January 20 at 9 a.m.

--7:15 p.m KAT says it is operating on severe weather snow routes. Buses will only be operating on major roads such as Broadway and Kingston Pike. KAT plans to run regular snow routes in the morning, but officials say that is subject to change. You can find those snow routes on the City of Knoxville's KAT site.


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