Tennessee State Guard starts up new military police class

5:34 PM, Aug 7, 2010   |    comments
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Tennessee State Guard debuts pilot military police class Saturday in Knoxville.

Administrators of the Tennessee State Guard want to teach members how to better serve the public in case a disaster were to occur locally.

"I would like to be prepared if there was trouble just to know what to do and handle those situations skillfully," said TNSG Leuitenant Jeff Cravens. He, along with around 20 other guardsmen from several East Tennessee regiments are taking part in a new class which hopes to train its participants as military police.

According to Major Paul Clark, over the next four months, students will learn how to protect themselves and the public, as well as how to handle crowds and even the media.

"It is our desire and hope that what we accomplish here will be considered a model throughout the state of Tennessee," said the program's designer, Major Tom Reese.

Currently, the program is being tested in the eastern part of the state, with several regiments participating. Maj. Reese hopes the program will expand statewide in the near future. Students, like Lt. Cravens said the program is needed.

"The need for citizens to be able to step up and participate is great. The need for citizens to be trained in what to do is even greater," he said.

The program will end with exams in November.

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