Prankster Johnny Knoxville keeps them laughing

6:54 PM, Oct 6, 2010   |    comments
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  • Johnny Knoxville's mom and dad

It's not every day that a Knoxville kid grows up, moves to California, changes his name and then becomes a household name.

Well, when PJ Clapp asked his Dad to take him to California so he could become a movie star Phil said "I'll take you to Washington so you can can be the President because you know how hard it is to be a movie star."

That trip out to California turned out just like PJ's Mom thought it would. "He was a character even as a baby" Lemoyne Clapp smiles as she talks to us about her youngest child.

Johnny Knoxville started out small, doing pranks when he was in high school. Alan Frye, his friend since the boys were nine, had some funny stories to share, but since this is a PG type of story I'll just tell you that they were funny and rated for mature audiences. Alan says he still talks to PJ from time to time, they are big texters though.

Knoxville was coming home yesterday afternoon for the screening of his newest movie Jackass 3D at Regal's Pinnacle Theater.

Fred Childress is probably one of the only people who has paddled a younger Knoxville when he was in school.  He says he hasn't seen all the movies but he was going last night with hundreds of Knoxville's family, friends and special guests.

People started lining up around 6 waiting for a glimpse of the King of Tomfoolery.

Limos brought family and friends, then Knoxville and his wife of about two weeks showed up. Johnny posed with the UT cheerleaders then signed autographs and posed for pictures before walking inside to the red carpet.

Inside,  Knoxville graciously drew a moustache on Knoxville News Sentinel's Entertainment Guru Terry Morrow. He then went down the line talking to radio stations and local televisionistas, all the while wearing his Ray Bans and posing for pictures.

The movie actually started about an hour later than was planned because of all the glad handing. Oh, and did I mention that it was Johnny Knoxville's Mom's Birthday? How about a cake and a whole theater singing Happy Birthday to his mom.

The movie started and the laughter ensued-- along with a lot of people doubling over, feeling the pain of the guys in the movie.

Of course, I can't give away any of the secrets, but you'll laugh if you like thse types of movies. If you have a weak stomach watch the sourpatch kids.  And it's probably not a movie to take the kids to!


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