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Can 'Morning Glory' put the breaks on 'Unstoppable' in theaters this weekend?

5:59 AM, Nov 12, 2010   |    comments
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There's a movie out that many of us here are going to see because it deals with a subject close to our hearts - tv news.

It's got plucky producers, squabbling anchors, on-air mishaps. It's all just part of this week's box office preview with Raphael Seth.

Rachel McAdams signs on for the toughest job she'll ever love in "Morning Glory." She's an enthusiastic tv producer hired to resuscitate a last-place morning show, so she hires a legendary news anchor played by Harrison Ford. But when he turns the anchor desk into an on-air battleground with co-host Diane Keaton, the producer takes a stand to try to save the show, her job, and her personal life. "Morning Glory" is rated PG-13.

Sounds like a great plot for an action movie, but this runaway train story is based on actual events. "Unstoppable" stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine - the grizzled veteran and the cocky rookie - as two railyard workers who decide to chase down an unmanned locomotive. The train is pulling hazardous chemicals, is on the same track as a train carrying kids on a school field trip, and is headed directly toward a large city. "Unstoppable" is rated PG-13.

Earthlings learn to step away from the light in "Skyline." This alien invasion flick has all the world's major cities under siege from above. When the aggressive ET's shine their lights at human eyes, people become frozen like deer in headlights, where they can be vacuumed up by the mothership. "Skyline" is rated PG-13.

That's the box office preview, Raphael Seth, NBC News.

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