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Houston brothers to be held 48 hours without bond after outburst in court

6:57 PM, Dec 2, 2010   |    comments
  • Leon Houston
  • Rocky & Leon Houston arrested for contempt of court.
  • Rocky Houston
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After several outbursts, Rocky and Leon Houston were put in handcuffs and arrested Thursday morning for contempt of court. 

The judge ordered them to be held without bond in the Roane County jail for 48 hours.

The Roane County brothers were both charged, but not convicted, in the 2006 fatal shooting of Roane County Sheriffs Deputy Bill Jones and his ridealong friend Mike Brown.

The brothers were in court fighting Leon Houston's former attorney.  Jim Logan represented Leon Houston during his criminal trial.  Logan is now attempting to foreclose on Leon Houston's home to pay for legal bills.

The trouble started when Judge Frank V. Williams, III, began his day in chambers, working on other matters.  The Houstons waited in the courtroom with others on the docket.  Rocky Houston stood twice, yelling at the bailiff that court should have already started.

When the judge entered the courtroom, he began calling out the cases on the docket, to ensure all the parties were present before he began. 

The Houstons, who were not at the beginning of the docket, were not happy that they needed to wait.  After another loud outburst, the judge ordered them in contempt of court, and had them placed in handcuffs and put under arrest.

This is not the first time the Houston brothers have disrupted a court proceeding.  Leon Houston was kicked out of court twice last month when the brothers were in court facing a hearing in a $5,000,000 wrongful death lawsuit.


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