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EOD Technology offices raided by feds

12:17 AM, Dec 9, 2010   |    comments
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A team of special agents raided a pair of office buildings operated by EOD Technology Wednesday in Lenoir City and Roane County.

Agents sifted through paperwork after dark in Roane County.  EOD Technology is a private security contractor that does millions of dollars in business with the United States Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, and agents from the office the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction combed through offices at EOD's Roane County facility, loading up large boxes and hauling them to a back room.

ICE and that Special Inspector General's office have investigating issues on a national scale before.  Typically, they deal with alleged fraud as it pertains to overseas services.

None of the agencies involved, including the United States Attorney's office will comment as to what exactly they're investigating.  They will only say they obtained a warrant to search the properties.

The two searches are just the latest for what has been a bad couple of months of publicity for the East Tennessee based contractor.

A few months back, the United States Senate Armed Services Committee found that EOD Technology and other private security contractors relied on Afghani strongment to fulfill taxpayer paid contracts.

In one case, the government found EOD's background checks didn't find that the people it hired had previously given sensitive information to the Taliban.  By contacting previous employers, the government was able to find out employees of EOD were actually fired from old jobs for the security breaches, then hired by EOD.

A Nashville public relations firm hired by EOD could not answer specific questions Wednesday but did offer a statement.  In it, they said the contract with the United States government required they hire Afghan workers.  Additionally, the US Military knew who was on EOD's payroll and had no problems with it.

Also, EOD is facing a lawsuit filed in federal court that claims employees stole from one of the company's suppliers in a guns-drawn raid.  

In the suit, MAKS, a supplier of modular buildings says guards from EOD showed up at one of their facilities with rifles drawn, demanding the buildings be loaded up.  During that ordeal, the complaint claims a couple dozen employees were locked in a room for six hours while the buildings were stolen.

EOD's public relations firm could not comment on the litigation.  Their full statement as it relates to Wednesday's raids in East Tennessee is below.

"This event came as a complete surprise to us. We are a very responsibly run company, and adhere to the highest ethical standards.  We are unaware of anything that could have triggered this event.  We are cooperating fully with the federal investigators to help clear up whatever concerns there may be.  We obviously would not have been selected for some of the sensitive and important projects we handle for our country around the world had we not been thoroughly investigated before and found to be completely trustworthy. We plan to continue serving our customers honorably and to keep our focus on our work and mission.  We will work the investigators to resolve this matter and any misunderstandings as expeditiously as possible."

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