Former Vol, NFL official hosts Super Bowl Sunday for Knox teens

7:10 PM, Feb 1, 2011   |    comments
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While the best of the NFL teams greeted the media Monday in preparation for Sunday's Super Bowl, NFL field judge Terry Brown is busy with preparations of his own.

This weekend, he'll be the most knowledgeable football host many Knoxville teenagers could ever dream of.

Fans probably remember the former Vol's role on Tennessee's 1985 Sugar Bowl winning team.  Tennessee crushed Miami in early 1986 to cap the season.

After college, injuries ended Brown's dream of an NFL career before it really ever got started.  He had a try-out with the San Diego Chargers but an NFL strike got in the way of him seeing the field.  So, he came back to Knoxville and finished getting his degree at the University of Tennessee.

While in East Tennessee he was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his neck and told he shouldn't play football again.

"The transition was somewhat difficult but now I know I still have all my hands, my faculties, I'm still able to live a vibrant life," Brown said.  "I didn't allow that dream to be put on the backburner, it still became a reality, it was just a different route."

So, the dream of playing in the NFL shifted to become a dream of officiating in the league.  

After time on high school fields and the Southeastern Conference he's now a field judge working in the National Football League.  It's just a part-time gig for Brown, who's also a husband, father, and works with juveniles in Knox County's court system.

This week especially, he's looking to do even more by hosting a Super Bowl party for teenagers in the community.

"People sit at home and often they don't understand certain aspects of the NFL, well I can explain that to them because I'm a part of the NFL," he said.

This Sunday will be the second straight year Brown gathers up Volunteer athletes as well as retired NFL players at Word of Faith Christian Center for the big game.

"It was a vision about how can I give back?" he said.

Along with food, autographs, and door prizes, Brown will also share a message about faith, making the right choices in life, peer pressure, and how all of them can impact dreams.

"That's what I want them to be able to do, be able to make those decisions and be more confident of their decision making process and then be accountable for their actions," he said.

While Brown is more than content with the results of the decisions he has made along the way.  His work continues, now focused to ensure teenagers still facing some of those tough decisions make choices they can look back on fondly.

Super Bowl Party with NFL Field Judge Terry Brown

Sunday, February 6th

Doors open at 3 p.m.

Word of Faith Christian Center

1300 Dutch Valley

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